Chronically Jill’s Spoonie Bags

Talking about your chronic illness and coming to terms with it is so hard. Being open about your disease is even harder. 

That’s why I created a line of Spoonie bags that you’ll want to rock!

1. It takes the “old-people” out of old people disease, whether that’s Arthritis, Diabetes, MS, or another autoimmune or chronic illness. These patterns and designs had YOU in mind— every fun, sassy, lovely cell in your body is represented through this swag. 

2. It also allows people to ask, “What’s a Spoonie?” or “what does that say?”— it allows them to open up the line of communication about your disease. 

3. Makes identifying your bag of meds or orthopedics easy to find even when your brain fog is super strong. 


-Chronically Jill