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Why I Went on the Low FODMAP Diet

In August 2017 my gastroenterologist decided to try a more holistic approach to treating what he said was severe irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. At this point I was weaning off chemotherapy with the concern that the Methotrexate was doing more harm than good. My rheumatologist had referred me to a specialist because while the chemo was not helping the traumatic nausea, vomiting, and bloating bouts, we both didn't think the chemo alone was the cause to these symptoms. I had every test done to rule out possible other diseases, but they all came back negative. I felt hopeless. What was wrong with me? If I didn't have a diagnosis, who would I turn to next to be treated? People...

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Finding Freedom on the Nordic Track

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day is about compassion, freedom, kindness, and love not only to others, but to yourself as well. Today in Mount Hood, on the Teacup Lake Nordic Ski course, I was able to say hello to my personal freedom and show myself the absolute love I deserve by enjoying something I have always been passionate about-- Nordic Skiing. From the moment I clipped into my bindings, I felt free from all the autoimmune diseases and mental battles. From the pulse my arms felt from the tips of the poles digging into the snow, I felt the ability to express my desire to move forward. Each glide on my skis I felt like I was moving at...

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How to Increase Dexterity to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Last night in Oregon, we received our first rainfall of Autumn, which meant a constant reminder that I have Arthritis. Since we have the awful forest fires going, this rain was a blessing. The ashes have calmed down in the air quite a bit. It wasn’t until I was driving home from a Taco Dinner Party that I realized why my arm, wrist, and finger had been killing me all day on my right side. We had gone months without rain and that barometric pressure was immense. When I have bad Arthritis days, I really have to make sure that I am utilizing my non-dominant hand (my left) to relieve my right arm a bit. I came up with 50...

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