How to Increase Dexterity to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Last night in Oregon, we received our first rainfall of Autumn, which meant a constant reminder that I have Arthritis. Since we have the awful forest fires going, this rain was a blessing. The ashes have calmed down in the air quite a bit. It wasn’t until I was driving home from a Taco Dinner Party that I realized why my arm, wrist, and finger had been killing me all day on my right side. We had gone months without rain and that barometric pressure was immense.

When I have bad Arthritis days, I really have to make sure that I am utilizing my non-dominant hand (my left) to relieve my right arm a bit. I came up with 50 ways in which I can increase the dexterity of my left hand. Humans are very muscle-memory oriented and so with persistence and effort each day, I can one day become ambidextrous.

While I do play with putty at work, most of the time I just forget to use my other hand. All of my life I have used my right for everything. In fact, I’ve included a photo so you can see the muscle comparison of my left arm to my right. It looks photoshopped! Ladies and Gentlemen, that is simply just the act of never using my non-dominant hand for…anything.

So, I have compiled a list containing mostly subconscious activities that I can begin to train myself to be subconscious. If you think of any more to add to the list, feel free to comment with them below!

Not only should these tasks help you to reduce Arthritis pain, but they will also help you save spoons. If you’re not aware of the “Spoon Theory” yet, enjoy this good read written by Christine Miserandino.

50 Tasks to Help You Relieve Your Arthritis Pain:

  1. Brush your teeth
  2. Wash your hair
  3. Vacuum
  4. Pet or brush your cat or dog
  5. Push the grocery cart
  6. Text a message/ dial a phone number
  7. Brush your hair or someone else’s
  8. Ring out hair after shower
  9. Butter toast
  10. Wipe down your bathroom
  11. Stir food
  12. type in your passwords on desktop with left hand
  13. scrub dishes with an SOS pad
  14. Open fridge
  15. Clean your car windows with the squeegee
  16. Wipe off your makeup
  17. Scrub a pan or pot with an sos pad
  18. winded your mirrors
  19. Rinse out cans before putting them in the recycling
  20. Blink and hold up mascara to eye to apply makeup
  21. Play with a rubics cube (or solve if you can!)
  22. Open a pop top
  23. Unscrew a bottle cap (i.e. Bottle of soda)
  24. Fold towels
  25. Transfer wet laundry to dryer
  26. Stack wood (one log at a time)
  27. Collect silverware from dishwasher and sort in drawer
  28. Apply sunscreen
  29. Water plants with hose
  30. Splatter paint
  31. Remove nail polish
  32. Use electric hand mixer for cake batter
  33. flip a grilled cheese
  34. Apply powder setting foundation with brush
  35. Load on the chapstick
  36. Zip up your jacket or backpack
  37. Press down on cookie cutters over dough
  38. Button a sweater
  39. Place flowers into a vase
  40. Undo bread tie/ redo bread tie
  41. Towel dry your hair
  42. Encrust veggies or chicken (flour, egg, breadcrumbs)
  43. Spray oil onto a pan or waffle iron
  44. Sharpen a pencil
  45. Erase a whiteboard
  46. Unhook your bra
  47. Push a Tupperware lid onto the container
  48. Apply hairspray
  49. Make toast and apply spread
  50. Unscrew your gas tank

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