I'm here to be the autoimmune patient mentor i wish i had had whilst growing up. watch out world, we out here-- autoimmune and all! -Jill  

It's time to live your best life,
autoimmune disease & all


Hi there! I am excited you're here.

Hello! I'm Jill, an ambitious artist on a mission to provide patients and their families with resources to prompt healthy conversations about autoimmune or chronic illnesses, improve communications, both verbal and non-verbal, and share personal experiences and tips that have helped me manage my Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was diagnosed at 13 months old. It's been a fun journey starting this blog and I'm excited to offer you fun products, blog posts, and a sense of community for the chronically sick. Join my email list for exclusive blog posts that I'll only be sharing with the first 500 email subscribers!


Every warrior needs a bit of help here and there, so it's ok to be honest with yourself. Why are you here?

I Need Tricks for
Adulting Better, in general, with My Diseases

I Need Help Navigating Through My College Career
with a Disability

I Need Help
Communicating About
My Diseases 

Your Disease Sucks, but Your Awareness Swag Shouldn't

When I first decided that I wanted to live an open and honest lifestyle with my Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (now JA), I couldn't find shirts or awareness swag that I actually wanted to wear in public. Everything I found on Etsy or Google looked like something a 70-year-old would wear. Just because I had the "old people's disease", didn't mean I had to look like one.

When I became a designer, I promised myself to change the way I wore my heart on my sleeve by creating a line of products, including clothes and accessories, that would rock the whole autoimmune disease and chronic illness awareness thing with a young adult flare. Then I thought, "give the people what they want!" I may have an old person's disease, but my Spoon Theory, Arthritis, IBS, autoimmune disease, and chronic illness awareness items shouldn't have to look old, nor should your's.

I've dreamt of this line since graduating college in 2015 and I'm finally making this dream happen. I hope you enjoy my new product line and, as a thank you for your support, you can take $2 off your purchase by clicking the "I Need Dis" button below.

I Need Dis!

I'm too busy volunteering

When I fill out dating apps, I put that my favorite place on Earth is Arthritis Camp. #noshame

chronically jill

I get lots of questions, especially on my Instagram. Here's what I'm asked most:

What's with the name?
Is this your full time job?
When did you start blogging?
Where have I seen you before?

i Made a goal to raise 2K for the arthritis foundation this year

Proceeds from my shop go directly towards meeting this goal


You don't walk around saying "Hi, I'm Jill and I'm disabled"

Let people ask you: What's with the spoons?

Which is why you need someone else to ask to make it less awkward. But, they can't just ask you-- "hey, what's with the cane?"....That'd be rude or unprofessional. So, what CAN they ask you about?

They can ask you about your swag! You then have an open door to tell them why there are spoons all over your office supplies, what a "Spoonie" is, and most importantly, why this term applies to you.

When I became a designer, I made a promise to myself that one day I would use my design skills to spread awareness about the larger part of myself-- the part that I hid from my friends for far too long.

Don't live hiding like I did. Embrace your illness and spread awareness sooner than later with these cute swag items.

Part of proceeds go to the Arthritis Foundation to support  

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