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Low FODMAP Diet Reaction

Why I Went on the Low FODMAP Diet

In August my gastroenterologist decided to try a more holistic approach to treating what he said was severe irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. At this point I was weaning off chemotherapy with the concern that the Methotrexate was doing more harm than good. My rheumatologist had referred me to a specialist because while the chemo […]

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Low FODMAP Diet Grocery List

On my Instagram, I receive a lot of questions about the Low FODMAP Diet for my autoimmune disease and IBS. I always tell my followers the importance of only doing this diet if it is prescribed by a doctor. Why? Because it’s dangerous. If you’ve consulted with your doctor and they allow you to proceed, […]

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Healthy Ramen Noodles on Autoimmune Cheat Day

Autoimmune Diet Cheat Meal: Adult Ramen Noodles

Have you ever seen someone on social media post about how excited they were for “cheat day”? Usually donuts, pizza, french fries, or other unhealthy items are piled onto their plate as a reward for sticking to their extreme diet for the entire rest of the week. A fair majority of athletes or dieters have […]

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Raspberry Chocolate Bar with Heart in Center

Chocolate Making & Choosing Happiness over Grieving

Today at a team building activity, I was able to create new memories and, most importantly, celebrate my late mother’s birthday on a sweet note by doing one of her favorite things, indulging in chocolate and learning about artisan chocolate making! Throughout my life I have been enrolled in various therapies. Chemo therapy, art therapy, […]

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Crafting for our Tague “Bah” New Years Party!

Hello lovely people, For the past few days my sister and I have been preparing for our New Years Party to ring in 2016. Portland isn’t particularly known for it’s nightlife– rather, it’s known for it’s brunch life. So, we figured that since we just moved into our new place, it may be the perfect […]

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Alterations to Your Diet

Nutrition is a constant cycle– you eat something, your body processes the nutrients, and then gives you energy. So, why then do we eat such worthless foods? Despite the deliciousness of English muffins in the morning, Cambell’s chicken noodle soup during lunch, and Taco Bell for dinner, your body is taking in the minimal amount of […]

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