Chronically Jill
Raspberry Chocolate Bar with Heart in Center

Chocolate Making & Choosing Happiness over Grieving

Today at a team building activity, I was able to create new memories and, most importantly, celebrate my late mother’s birthday on a sweet note by doing one of her favorite things, indulging in chocolate and learning about artisan chocolate making! Throughout my life I have been enrolled in various therapies. Chemo therapy, art therapy, […]

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Conducive Work Space Entails Spotify

This new year, I’ll be starting it off right with a new design job! I will be working as an international graphic designer, managing designs and collaterals for several countries around the world. My job is to take provided copy in their corresponding language and execute designs that are for the target market in that […]

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Service Dogs and DisABILITIES

Dogs are not just pets, according to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). These respectable canines are great companions for those with physical and mental disabilities ranging from Epilepsy to Rheumatoid Arthritis to severe Depression. These intelligent animals are capable of physically helping some 50 million disabled persons to perform everyday tasks while providing emotional […]

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