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Alterations to Your Diet

Nutrition is a constant cycle– you eat something, your body processes the nutrients, and then gives you energy. So, why then do we eat such worthless foods? Despite the deliciousness of English muffins in the morning, Cambell’s chicken noodle soup during lunch, and Taco Bell for dinner, your body is taking in the minimal amount of nutrients from these foods. These potential nutrients could have given you the energy to make that last phone call, take out the trash, or walk that extra 200 feet in the parking lot.

The next time you park at the grocery store, go ahead and park in the way back. With my help, you will be cutting your time and distance in half. Making alterations to your diet will allow you to stay on the perimeter of the store, instead of weaving in and out of the aisles. With this restriction, you will become more aware of the wholesome foods offered at your local grocery store.

Alterations to your diet do not have to be scary or expensive. In fact, the more nutrients you intake, the less groceries you will have to buy. As a result, the price is about the same, if not less! Eating well can be easy and being aware of what constitutes poor nutrition and knowing the alternatives are the first steps. Here are some great food alterations that I have been shown and that I live by.

Breakfast Foods

  • English muffins- Switch to whole grain breads or bake your own
  • Kellogg’s cereals- For a better cereal option, choose whole grain Kashi cereals or whole grain Cheerios
  • Yogurt with “fruit” at the bottom- use plain or vanilla yogurt and add fresh, cut up fruit.
  • Bagels- whole grain, whole wheat
Dairy and Proteins
  • Cottage cheese- Low fat
  • Yogurt- Greek yogurt provides more protein– I personally love Nancy’s brand. There’s 22 grams of protein per cup!
  • Milk- buy grass-fed instead of grain fed
  • Soy milk- provides double the amount of protein than cow’s milk
  • Ice Cream- less of a portion, or frozen yogurt
  • Cheese- choose low fat
  • Cream cheese- use an avocado, hummus, or pesto for a spread
  • Butter- use olive oil instead
  • Ground Beef- buy grass fed and organic as often as possible
  • Ground turkey- can be up to 98% fat free, a great alternative to ground beef
  • Bacon- purchase the reduced sodium package. Turkey bacon or Canadian bacon are leaner
  • Canned Beans- boil your own beans for half the cost with no preservatives or added salt or sugar
Fruits & Vegetables
  • Buy organic as often as possible to avoid toxic chemicals 
  • Applesauce- look for no high fructose corn syrup and no added sugar
  • Juice- look for no high fructose corn syrup and no added sugar
  • Canned- buy whole fruits and vegetables
  • Frozen- a great alternative to canned
For your puppy
  • Adding eggs and brown rice can really be a healthy treat for your pup!


Simple Changes to the American Diet:

  • Canned soup- purchase bean soup bags, such as minestrone or lentil soup, and make 6 freezable meals for the same price
  • Chicken nuggets- tofu nuggets taste the same and do not have questionable animal parts
  • Kraft mac&cheese- Annie’s mac&cheese
  • Milk chocolate- dark chocolate
  • Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper- drink WATER
  • Coffee- pomegranate green tea for a small caffeine kick and antioxidants
  • Pizza- whole wheat or whole grain dough with more vegetables than meat and low fat cheese
  • Hot dogs- purchase turkey dogs from deli
  • Grilled Cheese- whole grain bread with slice of low fat cheese
  • BLT- use colorful lettuce mix rather than iceberg and low fat bacon
  • Tacos- avoid pre-mixed taco seasonings and create your own spice mix. Use ground turkey
  • Fish sticks- Baked halibut with Ritz cracker crumb topping
  • Cookies- gingerbread
  • Cake- carrot cake or banana bread
  • Ice cream- frozen yogurt
  • Pancakes- use whole wheat flour
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