What is a Chronic Illness?

Curious as to whether you may or may not have a chronic illness? Maybe you need help understanding what it feels like to live with a lifetime-long disease to help a loved one. All of that can be found here!

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Why I Love My Community

Why do I want to make such a difference in this community? Learn my story here.

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How You Can Get Involved

So in some way, shape, or form, you are passionate about the chronic illness community but do not know the best way to make an impact. Well, here's a few ways you can directly impact this community.

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Autoimmune Diet Cheat Meal: Adult Ramen Noodles
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Have you ever seen someone on social media post about how excited they were for “cheat day”? Usually donuts, pizza, french fries, or other unhealthy items are piled onto their plate as a reward for sticking to their extreme diet … Read More

Chocolate Making & Choosing Happiness over Grieving
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Today at a team building activity, I was able to create new memories and, most importantly, celebrate my late mother’s birthday on a sweet note by doing one of her favorite things, indulging in chocolate and learning about artisan chocolate … Read More

Remicade/ Infiximab Infusion Day Reflections
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Remicade infusion Every 30 minutes The pulse vibes through my arm wrapped tight to catch the count with the clock on her wrist and twitch goes the pulse from a finger counting my numbers for Remicade a static I am … Read More

How I Stay Organized with a chronic illness
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If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I have to stay organized ALL the time. Since I’m always running out of spoons (aka energy), I am constantly forgetting where I put things, when I … Read More

What does synovial fluid do in an Arthritis Flare Up?
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What is synovial fluid?  Synovial fluid is a lubricant lies within your joints and protects your bones from clashing together when you’re moving. When you injure yourself, there is often swelling to protect yourself even more. However, with Rheumatoid Arthritis, … Read More

How You Can Make Small Decisions to Live More Eco-Friendly
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It was second semester of my sophomore year of college and I was starting to get nervous about where to go for in between my current and upcoming semester. Over the phone and miles away, my sister, “Lee”, and I were … Read More

Conducive Work Space Entails Spotify
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This new year, I’ll be starting it off right with a new design job! I will be working as an international graphic designer, managing designs and collaterals for several countries around the world. My job is to take provided copy … Read More

Crafting for our Tague “Bah” New Years Party!
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Hello lovely people, For the past few days my sister and I have been preparing for our New Years Party to ring in 2016. Portland isn’t particularly known for it’s nightlife– rather, it’s known for it’s brunch life. So, we … Read More

A Low Impact Sport for Arthritis
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Swimming has been a popular activity since 4000 BC. Some of our most cherished written documents, such as the Bible, and rich stories, such as the Iliad, have featured swimming throughout their text. Cave drawings of specific strokes have been … Read More